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unleash your inner peace

unleash your inner peace with the soft scent of rose water and sweet peonies and take that no-stress vibe with you throughout your day.  

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unleash your inner spa

unleash your inner spa with the soft scent of green tea + cucumber and take that spa day vibe with you throughout your day. 

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unleash your inner vibes

unleash your inner self-care expert with the soft scent of coconut + shea butter and take that luxurious moment of me-time with you throughout your day. 

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turn your shower
into your power

your shower is what you make it. what would happen if you shared your inner shower with the world?

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the shower is in your hands

express your best self with method hair care, infused with scent-sational fragrances. your skin will feel moisturized + you'll feel like the most showerful version of yourself.

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