Man touching his face
face wash
MethodMen face wash with cucumber and seaweed plantFace wash product smear

face wash

Infused with cucumber + seaweed extract

plant-based cleansers gently remove dirt + oil and freshen your features.

shave cream
MethodMen shave cream with argan oil and shea butter Shave cream product smear

shave cream

infused with argan oil + shea butter

it’s hello smooth, comfortable shave and bye-bye bristles.

after-shave balm
MethodMen after shave balm with aloe vera and chamomile plantsShave balm product smear

after-shave balm

infused with aloe vera + chamomile

packed with plant-based moisturizers to soothe your freshly shaved features.

face lotion
MethodMen face lotion with plant and hemp seeds Face lotion product smear

face lotion

infused with vitamin E + hemp seed oil

with broad spectrum SPF 15 zinc oxide sunscreen to help you face the day.

beard oil
MethodMen beard oil with avocado and argan oilBeard oil product smear

beard oil

infused with argan oil + avocado oil

plant-based moisturizers keep those bristles looking lush + healthy.

MethodMen face wash and face lotion bottles on granite counter

Find A routine To Fit Your Face

building a grooming routine that matches your magnificent mug is easy with our new skincare + shaving products.

MethodMen post-shave balm, face lotion, face wash and shave cream bottles

The Grooming Go-getter

everything you need for fresh-faced, clean-shaven cool.

Mr. Low Maintenance

keep it rapid + stay rugged by skipping the shave.

The Revered Beard

fabulous facial hair should frame a fresh, clean face.y rugged by skipping the shave.

Why Choose Method Men

sophisticated, nature-inspired scents.

no added parabens, phthalates or aluminum.

cruelty-free. tested by people, not on animals.

proudly doing business with a purpose

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