good vibes inside.

biodegradable formulas are mindfully made without parabens, phthalates + sulfates.

with plant-based + other thoughtful ingredients to care for the skin you’re in.

cruelty-free products tested by people, not on animals.

bottles made with over 50% recycled plastic (PCR) recycle for good karma.

what are you in the mood for?

pure peace

find the fragrance of pure peace with just a whiff, and without all the strenuous self-reflection.

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infused with

  • peony
  • rose water
  • pink sea salt

simply nourish

need nurturing? this comforting scent smells like a luxurious moment of me-time.

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infused with

  • coconut
  • rice milk
  • shea butter

daily zen

hit refresh with this spa-inspired scent that leaves you deeply cleansed and smelling divine.

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infused with

  • cucumber
  • seaweed
  • green tea

wind down

long day? ease straight into chill-ville with a shower and this softly soothing scent

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infused with

  • chamomile
  • starflower
  • blue lavender

energy boost

shower power, activate. this invigorating elixir smells like it’s going to be a super day.

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infused with

  • citrus
  • ginger
  • sea buckthorn

berry balance

feeling kerfluffled? off-kilter? kaput? this bright, luscious blend is the smell of sweet harmony

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infused with

  • acai
  • mulberry
  • goji berry

our fave raves

it seems our suds are something of a scent-sation

Absolutely loved this body wash! The wash is creamy but not too thick when used in the shower. It feels very luxurious and makes my skin feel wonderful. I smell clean and fresh!

submitted 8/9/2018

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Smells insanely good! The smell is amazing and I look forward to using it every day in the shower. It lathers up nicely and leaves you feeling super clean.

submitted 7/31/2018

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The minute I used this body wash I felt like I was in a jungle bathing in a waterfall. The aroma is fantastic, I felt so good using it and felt clean!

submitted 7/26/2018

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